August Staff Member of the Month!

If you have stopped in the Financial Aid Office, you have probably talked with our Staff Member of the Month, Tammy Haakenson! Tammy has been at the front desk, as the Financial Aid Office’s Receptionist, since February of this year. Prior to working in our office, she worked in the College of Liberal Studies, beginning in August of 2012. She has an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources from Western Technical College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Viterbo University. Tammy enjoys helping students with their financial aid issues and questions. She enjoys providing students/families with advice and says, “Students, as well as parents, are very appreciative when they are given resources to check out.” in addition to learning new things. Tammy is very passionate about genealogy. She even recently traveled to Norway with her sister-in-law to search for their ancestors’ birthplaces! If she were to provide one piece of financial advice to students, she would tell them to be sure to check out the Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) on their webpage, There are numerous scholarships that all students can apply for and the SRC is working to continually add to this resource. If you have any questions about financial aid, stop by and see Tammy as she is sure to provide you with assistance. 

Tammy Haakenson SotM

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