Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I would like to welcome the incoming freshmen to the university and also to the Scholarship Research Center (SRC), where I hope you spend lots of time because it can benefit you in many, many ways.

I, too, am an incoming freshman – exciting! In fact, today is my first day working in the Financial Aid Office located in Graff. I have been hired to work on the SRC to help you save money throughout your years here! Our mission is to encourage you to focus on alternative funding options that match up with your personal achievements and unique personalities. We also work to help students locate scholarships that fit their unique qualifications, educate them regarding submitting high quality applications and ultimately, see students further their education by receiving scholarships to fund their future goals through education.

Originally, my goal was to work three jobs this summer to save money to provide for my college education, life, and career, but mainly, my college education, because current costs are unlikely to leave me debt free after I graduate. After several months of preparing for a summer low on fun and high on work hours, I decided to look into scholarships offered in my local community. After applying for nearly fifteen different local scholarships, I can say I am a proud recipient of four scholarships totaling close to $3,000.00. I worked very hard to earn these scholarships, but the work paid off!

Now, I am on the other side of the computer, encouraging you to take the time to apply for the multitude of scholarships available to you. I have been working for a total of four hours at this job and I am overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunities this campus provides as an option for you to receive financial assistance. Once you are on the welcoming SRC website, the different scholarships available are laid out to best fit your interests. You can search by department or do an external database search to find the different scholarships available to you which are organized by the deadline date. You can also take part in the “Get Scholarific!” Survey on the home page of the SRC website and you will receive an email back from us with specific scholarship options for you!

If you have any questions, stop into the Financial Aid Office or call (608)-785-8604. I hope you will join me in my search on the Scholarship Research Center website to find a scholarship that suits you best, in hopes of saving your hard earned money for the future.

Carlie Burkhardt

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