June Staff Member of the Month!

It’s that time again! Meet our June Financial Aid Person of the Month! Karen DeSchepper is part of our Support Staff and if you’ve ever called in or stopped by the Financial Aid Office, it’s not uncommon for her to be one of the first people you talk to! Karen has been a part of UWL staff since 2004, although initially her work was in the Office of Continuing Education and Extension. In 2015 she joined the Financial Aid Office, and has been a major player here ever since! In 1991, Karen earned her Office Computer Specialist Degree from Western Tech, but she also has what she describes as a degree in “Life” thanks to all the things she’s learned up to now. When asked what her favorite part of her job is, she’ll tell you she loves working with and helping students directly. Being able to provide encouragement and multiple financial options to concerned students warms her heart. When she’s not helping students with college funds, you can find her singing karaoke, or playing with her two dachshunds, whom she is obsessed with! An interesting fact is, every single day she works, she goes to Global Grounds just across the street from the Financial Aid Office and gets an Iced Americano. (Shout out to Alina and Demi!) When asked for a piece of Financial Aid advice she would give to readers, Karen said, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions yourself (vs. having your parent ask us and then hearing the answers secondhand).  We’re here and want to help….really!” She also wants students to know how helpful and driven our staff is in helping students: “The people in our office really care about our students and want them to be successful here at UWL!” I couldn’t agree more, Karen! If you’re someone struggling with Financial Aid issues, stop by our office and talk to Karen. You’ll not only learn a lot, but chances are, you’ll also come away feeling much better about any issues you may be facing.


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