May Staff Person of the Month!

Terry Micks. Photo by University Communications

Terry Micks. Photo by University Communications

Meet our first Financial Aid Staff Person of the Month! Terry Micks is the UWL Loan Programs Coordinator. She first came to UWL in 1972 for school, but when she got married took a break, caring for her two children, who have since grown. In fall of 2001 she came back and finished getting her Bachelors degree in Political Science in Spring 2002. She has one grandchild, and has worked in Financial Aid for almost 20 years! Interested in genealogy, she studies her family history, and otherwise loves to pass the time reading and cooking. In her time at UWL in the 1970’s, she was involved in student government, and was part of a committee of three who wrote the original UWLSA constitution! What a fun fact! Her Financial Aid advice is simple: “Only borrow what you need! You wouldn’t take out a bank loan to buy a pizza, so why would you take out extra student loans for spending money?” Come stop by our office if you have any issues with loans, and she is ready and able to help you out!

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