Monetarily App-ealing!

Apps have revolutionized our world more than we could have ever imagined. In fact, “There’s an app for that!” has become a common catchphrase for our society. Not surprisingly, money saving and tracking apps have become major attractions for anyone from businessmen to college students. In this article, we’re going to discuss and compare some of the best, and most popular apps that can help you be frugal and informed!

The first app isn’t for your phone, but for your computer! After you install Honey, any time you go shopping online, the widget will open up, showing you dozens of available coupons for you to use for your purchases! I’ve personally used this several times on major retail sites like Target, Macy’s, and even Microsoft! They also have deals where if you buy certain items from stores, you could earn anywhere from 1-100% of your money back. The percentage is always random, never letting you know in advance how much you can save, so don’t count on it to always save you enough if you’re tight on money. Another bonus they offer is price comparison! On sites like Amazon for example, it can be hard to know if you’re getting the best deal. With this tool, if a seller is available that can get you the same product at a reduced price, you will be notified! I’m obligated to mention that you should use this app wisely and only for things you need. Saving money is great, but not if you’re saving on something you never needed in the first place.

Another major app to consider for your financial needs is Mint! Available for both iOS and Andriod phones, this app is considered the best of the best! (One article even referred to it as the “Beyoncé” of personal finance apps.) By tracking all of your bank accounts, including savings, checking, even retirement accounts if you’re ahead of the game, this app creates potential budgets based on spending and income patterns for you to use. Every transaction is recorded and available to see in the app as well, making any potential threats to your accounts obvious before it’s too late.

Another major money saver for those who don’t depend on campus dining halls, Grocery iQ is the perfect app to save while stocking up for food! Available on iOS and Andriod, you can build grocery lists while simultaneously finding the lowest prices on each item based on the stores around you. It also offers barcode scanning so that if you need to find that one very specific brand of salsa that you just love too much, you know exactly what stores are carrying it! They also offer coupons for certain products, making everything just a little more easier on your wallet!

The final app any not-so-money-savvy student should look into is going to be another great one for those who can’t look to the dining plan for their food: Campus Special. Made specifically for college students, this app finds the best restaurant/eatery deals available around you and even allows you to order right from your phone for pick-up and delivery services! If you use the app enough, you earn rewards that you can use at your favorite places! Perhaps you can nab a free two-liter from your local Pizza Hut, or get two orders of Topperstix for the price of one. This will be an app you want to check out.

Saving money doesn’t have to be something you do all on your own. There are multitudes of apps and websites that are set up specifically to help you! If you’re not really interested in these however, you could always stop by It Make$ Cents! The staff members in their office are always willing to help you create budgets, and find great ways to save! Stop by 2103 Centennial Hall if you’re interested in their help.


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