Secondhand Cents-ability!

We all like to save money where we can, and college pressures and costs make saving exponentially more important! Thankfully, in the La Crosse area, businesses know this. All around our town are dozens of second hand stores available for us to shop, no matter what we need! In this article, I’m going to tell you about some of the best options around La Crosse for saving money while still getting exactly what you need. Just a note, all the spots I’m going to be discussing are strictly local. Shopping local rather than chain stores is incredibly beneficial to La Crosse commerce, and helps our city retain its classic charm!

The first notable spot for good deals is a little place called Good Steward Resale Store. If you are living in an apartment for the first time, or just need a few more sweaters to get you through the winter, this place is perfect for you! Located on the corner of Rose Street and West George Street, this shop is well known for its charity work around the community. Aiding homeless and down on their luck citizens, this shop will make you feel good not just about saving money, but about helping others.

The next shop on our list will be perfect for those wanting to touch up their living space. Fine Things is a consignment shop located on the corner of Caledonia Street and Clinton Street, and it’s known for its remarkable prices for any variety of home furnishings.

The Second Showing is just the place you need if you’ve been struggling to find nice women’s clothing at an easy on the wallet price! You’ll find this cute spot on the corner of Tyler Street and South West Avenue, simply bursting with options, and even including dozens of designer pieces for you to look through as well! They are not short on accessories either, sporting everything from elegant purses to lovely scarves and glistening jewelry.

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a few classics, or even just want to find some light reading to enjoy throughout this next semester, Pearl Street Books is going to be the perfect spot for you! Down near the corner of South 4th Street and Pearl Street, it’s a used book store that offers not only prime selections of writings, but a captivating style of architecture that speaks to the grand era of elegance the building came from. There also happens to be a quaint little coffee shop attached through a side door that is the perfect place to dig into your new literary catch.

The final shop I’m going to be discussing is called Wee Repeat. Found near the intersection of South East Avenue and Market Street, you will find tons of games here for your next get together with friends! You can also find great presents for children of many ages here. Toys as far as the eye can see! So if you have a nephew that has a birthday coming up, or just know someone young at heart who would appreciate a throwback to a simpler time, this is the place you need to go!

Secondhand stores are great options for you and your friends to stock up on things you need to get through the semester without having to pay nearly as much for them! They are also opportunities to help keep La Crosse a city that has a charm you won’t see anywhere else. Support local businesses like these when you can! Keep them around so that future college students can still enjoy their presence long into the future.

Have a great weekend UWL!


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