The Art of Getting a Job

Obviously, one of the best ways to get some extra money at college is to get a job. Many of us have had part time jobs throughout high school, maybe at our local Culvers, or perhaps as a bagger at a Pick ‘n Save. It was our first real test at understanding how to handle money, in particular money that we earned. Some students may hope to earn a little extra here and there for spending money or even to save up for future college tuition. Perhaps you got a job because you wanted to get a car, perhaps you needed more gas money. But chances are now, unless you lived close to campus before, you’re jobless. Some students may choose to remain jobless throughout college, preferring to focus more on their studies than anything else, however many students opt to try to balance the hustle of college and the bustle of work. But where can you find openings? That’s what I’m here to talk to you about!


There’s a lot of options in terms of where you can find a job. Your first option is Student Employment. Student Employment can be either Federal Work-Study or Student Help. Work-Study is based on financial need and would be included in your financial aid award if you are eligible. There are multiple avenues you can take for Student Help, perhaps as a librarian over at Murphy, or maybe as a food server in Whitney. You have the bonus of not having to go very far, as well as the awareness that they will try to work around your schedule based on what you need to do. If you have dependable transportation, you could also find a job off-campus, perhaps at a restaurant in town. However, while you may get more hours than at an on-campus job, you could have to deal with less flexibility in terms of scheduling, making it harder to balance your academics. Many off-campus jobs have late hours which could also affect your ability to get up for those early classes so plan accordingly.


As you weigh the options presented, it may help to find out who’s hiring. Lucky for you, on the UWL Financial Aid Office’s website you can find the Job Board, which is a great resource for finding different employers in the area who are hiring. Simply sign up, providing all the information required, and soon you will have access to a multitude of businesses in the area, and their need for workers. Another option is the yearly job fairs at UWL! They usually take place during the first week of the fall semester, and before the beginning of the summer as well! Dress nice, bring a few resumes, and put on your best smile so you can charm your potential bosses!


Do you want something with less commitment? That can work! We have an Odd-Job listings page, where you can be contacted for anything from basic yard work to babysitting. Your hours won’t be regular, but maybe that’s just what you need! If you were interested in on-campus work, there’s plenty of information on that as well! On the same Financial Aid Office webpage, we have a brochure that includes links to all the on campus organizations that are often looking for extra workers! There are also emails and phone numbers available for many of them, allowing you to talk to your potential employers about what you can look forward to.


Weigh your options carefully! Keep in mind what you can handle, and what you hope to get out of the experience as well! I’m personally very happy with my experiences so far, and I hope that you guys can find a lovely work environment as well!

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