Why I Never Went On Spring Break

For most college students, going on a trip for spring break is like a rite of passage. They take months to save, plan the trip with a group of friends, and pick the perfect location to spend a week soaking up the sun and letting their worries wash away with the surf. This has become both the purpose and the dream of spring break for many college students. This was never the case for me.

I, like many other working college students, never did the traditional spring break thing. Instead, my spring breaks were often split up between working and helping my family. Up until this year, there was a small part of me that had hung on to the hope that even though I had yet to go on spring break, I’d still be able to during my last year of college and somehow that would make it all the more worthwhile. This didn’t happen, instead life happened.

Around the time of spring break this year, just like every other year around that time, I’d just barely been scraping by each month. Even with 2 part-time jobs I found myself living paycheck to paycheck because the person I’d been living with had found themselves without a source of income for a few months which meant that I was responsible for paying the rent, internet, electric bills, food expenses, and gas (for my car that we shared) by myself for that chunk of time. After those few months I gave up on the hope of having the spring break experience of my dreams.

I’d rather save my money to pay for the bills I have, pay off my debts, and be able to save enough to go on one small weekend road trip a year than to blow a bunch of money on a weeklong trip that is often strictly reserved for drinking and bad choices. I realize that’s not always the case for every spring break but I’ve had many friends come back from their traditional spring breaks talking about the list of bad choices they made, how much money they spent, and sometimes even the money or phone that they lost. Do I regret never having a traditional spring break experience? Not in the least! Spring break isn’t something that’s in the cards for everyone and I’m ok with that.


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