How to Write a Thank You

Who doesn’t dread writing a thank you note? I know that I certainly did before I really took the time to find out the best way to write one. The purpose of this post is to help you do the same thing. Thank you letters shouldn’t be scary, they should be heartfelt! They’re the perfect opportunity for you to let the scholarship donor or donors know just how much that scholarship means to you and your future.

You should start by listing your current address in the upper right hand corner followed by the donor’s address on the left side above the salutation. The salutation should be kept simple. You’ll want to use the first paragraph to thank the donor for their generosity and tell them how this scholarship is making a difference when it comes to your education. The second paragraph can be used to tell the donor a little about yourself. For example, where you’re from, why you chose the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, or what field of study you chose to major in. The third paragraph is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about your goals and future plans after completing your education as well as highlighting how the scholarship you received will play into that. The last paragraph doesn’t need to be long, maybe a couple of sentence, its purpose is to say a final thank you to the donor.

I like to sign off these kinds of thank you letters ‘with gratitude’ to further illustrate just how thankful I am to have received that scholarship. I don’t think you can really go overboard with the thank yous here, donors like to hear about the impact they are making on a recipient’s future! Lastly, include your first and last name followed by your email address on the next line. Make sure to either use your main email address or the one that you use for professional purposes. If you want to see a typed up example of a thank you note then head over to our Scholarship Resource Center website!


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