Get Scholarcific!

Hey everyone! For those of you out there worried because you missed the Feb. 15th deadline for the UWL Foundation Scholarships, I want you to take a deep breath. It’s ok. Just because you missed the deadline for receiving one of the UWL Foundation Scholarships doesn’t mean that you missed out on the opportunity to receive any scholarships for the upcoming school year!

Thanks to the Scholarship Resource Center (SRC), you’ll be able to have a multitude of scholarships to choose from without ever leaving your home or the UWL website! You can either browse through a list of scholarships using the brand new external scholarship database or you can fill out the GET SCHOLORCIFIC! survey. If you choose to use the external scholarship database then you’ll only need to give your current grade level, choose one or more of the eleven different identification options, select which academic college you’re a part of, and list your major. If, however, you want a list of scholarships that are uniquely chosen for your talents and experiences, or what makes you, you, then I suggest you fill out the scholarship application worksheet.

The GET SCHOLORCIFIC! survey will first ask you to provide things like your name, your student ID number, where you currently live, where you grew up, where you went to high school, your  campus e-mail, your current cumulative GPA, ACT or SAT score, your major, your minor, and what your current grade level is. From there you’ll be directed to the sixth section, the tell us about yourself portion. You’ll be asked to list any talents or interests, extracurricular activities, any volunteer work or community service, awards or honors that have been received over the past two years, any jobs or internships that you or your parents have held over the past two years, as well as anything else that makes you stand out. You can answer all of the sections or only one if you choose. The more sections that you answer and the more you tell us about yourself, the more scholarships we’ll be able to direct you toward that would be unique to you! Remember, these are scholarships that are offered year round so you have more chances to apply for different ones and to improve those scholarship essays!

Don’t forget that our database is constantly growing so take the survey as many times as you would like throughout the year!


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