Are you keeping up with deadlines?

Hey all! It’s been a little while since my last post; the semester got a little crazy there for a second! That being said, I hope everyone’s midterms went smoothly! However, now that midterms are winding down it is time to start preparing for spring registration and finals (but hey, at least we’re almost halfway through the year!). With spring registration (which starts next week) rapidly approaching, I have done some reflecting on the past semester of my time spent here in financial aid, and I thought of a few things it would be good to touch base on with everyone.

First and foremost, I would really like to stress the importance of keeping up with your UWL student email account. I understand that we are all very busy and have a lot of things going on all of the time; however, your UWL email is not something that should be pushed aside. I cannot tell you how many students that I have spoken to throughout the past semester who have missed billing deadlines, paperwork they needed to fill out, etc., just because they didn’t keep track of emails and reminders that our office was sending to them.

In addition to your student email accounts, I think that it is very important to stay on top of deadlines. If you don’t know already, the FAFSA application becomes available each year to be filled out for the following year starting January 1st. FAFSA becomes available this early to give students a head start on planning for the year that is to come. Following the opening of the application on January 1st, deadlines are given to students on pretty much every step of the process from then on, including deadlines for paperwork, when awards should be accepted, steps to be taken after awards are accepted, and when the tuition bill is due (all of these dates are a HUGE reason why you should stay on top of your student email account).

Despite the fact that FAFSA and UWL have these dates and deadlines all laid out, in addition to reminders, I can’t tell you how many students come to me in a frenzy right before the bill is due or right before they are supposed to register because they still have a remaining balance on their account. This is frustrating not only to the student, but to myself as well because there really is nothing that can be done in order to speed up the process until all of the necessary requirements are completed. I understand that life gets busy and we sometimes let things slip from our minds; however, I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping on top of these deadlines. If you feel overwhelmed, I definitely would not hesitate to come into our office and speak with a staff member to help get you back on track—it’s what we’re here for! No one wants to see you get charged for being late on your tuition bill, or struggle to register for classes because you still have a balance.

Good luck with registration and the rest of the semester!


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