Hey all! The first day of classes is finally here, and I hope move-in day for the residence halls went smoothly for everyone! I hope that some of the tips that I’ve given you about things to do and not do when preparing for your dorm room were helpful. That being said, I’ve got some more tips for you about campus living now that you’re moved in.

First, when you decide to live in the residence halls you are required to choose a meal plan that you want to use. Whichever meal plan you end up choosing, you’re provided with 2-3 meals every day of the week (and that doesn’t include the unlimited access you have with just one card swipe at the Whitney Center). Since you’ve already paid for all of your meals, it makes sense to take advantage of that. When you think about going out to eat or ordering in, think about the money that you’re going to waste on the meal that’s already paid for. Save the eating out for special occasions only. Plan to go to meals with friends and you will get all the social benefits of eating out without spending the extra money.

Also, in my opinion, it’s not necessary to bring a car to college if that was something you were thinking about doing. Whether you live on or off campus, one of the great perks of being a student here at UWL is that you’re provided with free transportation to anywhere around town. As long as you carry your student I.D. card with you, you are able to ride the La Crosse MTU buses for free. Having free access to the buses in town means that you don’t have to worry about money for gas or other expenses that go along with owning a car, you don’t have to worry about alternate side parking in the winter, and you don’t have to worry about the possibility of ever getting any traffic or parking tickets. My advice, then, is to skip the car if you can and take advantage of the free transportation.

In addition, you’re a student, so take advantage of it! Being a student in college gives you access to tons of student discounts at a lot of places you wouldn’t even think of. Be smart, and do some research before dining out, shopping, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to ask! If you’re somewhere and you’re not sure whether or not they offer a student discount, just go ahead and ask; you’ll thank yourself later when you end up saving a few bucks.

Wishing you all the best with the semester ahead! 🙂


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