Are you residence hall life ready?

In my last post I gave you all some insight on items that from my own experiences were a necessity to have for your dorm room. I also mentioned how at this time of year, it seems like every store you walk into is featuring some sort of “back to school” sale on furnishing your dorm room. All of these advertisements seem to always display the typical college dorm room as having all matching furniture and décor, tons of cool items and gadgets, and also with having a lot of space. In reality, however, it really isn’t necessary to have everything in your dorm room all match and coordinate. In addition, you’ll soon realize that the dorm room that you share with one or two other people is NOT going to have enough space to store all of the cool stuff you think you’re going to need. Luckily for you all, I’ve been through the dorm experience and have come up with a list of things that I think aren’t necessary to keep in your dorm:

  • String lights. I’ll definitely agree that string lights help brighten up the dullness of a dorm room, but in all honesty you probably won’t remember to turn them on as much as you think you will. Between a full class schedule and homework, by the time you get home to relax at night the last thing on your mind will be to turn on your string lights. Therefore, while they are cute, you definitely don’t need them.
  • A collection of dishes. When I moved in to the dorms, I brought a small collection of dishes. While this seemed like a good idea at the time, it eventually became an annoyance. For one, my roommate and I did not communicate on this aspect, and so she had brought her own set of dishes also. It was a struggle to find space in the room to store both of our dish sets and made things very cluttered. Also, to be honest, I hardly ever used my own dishes. My advice would to bring two of each item to share between the two of you (plates, bowls, spoons, etc.).
    • Tip: During the first few weeks of school, tons of offices and departments on campus hold booths throughout campus where they give away free stuff, like water bottles and cups. Hint Hint: The Scholarship Resource Center will be giving away Scholarship cups on the first day of the semester, September 8th, so look out for us!
  • New blankets and/or bedding. If you can find old blankets around the house that you know won’t be missed, it’s a good idea to just bring those along instead of splurging on new ones. (Same goes for pillows!)
  • Lastly, I would also like to add that if you do find that there are items that you have forgotten or didn’t think of to pack, the bus is free with your student I.D. card, so you can go shopping for last minute stuff after it has gone on sale!

I hope you all have a smooth, and wonderful move-in weekend! 🙂



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