About Me!

Hey all! As you saw before, Nikki graduated after spending 5 years here at UW-L (lucky girl!). That being said, I’m Alexis, and I am going to be taking over the reins of this blog. This upcoming school year will bring me to my fourth year here at UW-L, as a senior majoring in Professional & Organizational Communication Studies. I’m going to be spending my summer and school year here in the Financial Aid Office working as their Social Media Intern, and I am also a waitress at the Applebee’s in Onalaska.

My financial life as a college student has so far been a crazy experience of ups and downs, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all over the course of next year! Being that it is my last summer here before I graduate, I’m definitely starting to think a lot about my future and where I want to be when I’m finally done with school. Honestly, it is all a little overwhelming and scary! However, being that I’m not taking any classes, I’ve decided to focus on my finances this summer and have two goals in mind:

  1. Rebuilding my savings account so that I can finance an apartment after graduation. (My savings account is a long story… we’ll get to that later.)
  2. Beginning to make small payments on my student loans to reduce the overall amount of debt I’ll be in when I graduate.

Wherever you are in your college career, I encourage you to create your own finance goals and start getting on track to achieving them. Best of luck and remember to enjoy this beautiful summer!

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