Graduation is ALMOST HERE, what’s NEXT?

Let’s try this whole LIFE AFTER COLLEGE thing!

After 5 years at UW-L, it’s somewhat scary to believe that I am about two weeks away from graduation! Most people say that it’s finally when you enter the real world, and quite honestly, I think I have been in the real world for about 5 years now.

Some people have asked me, “Are you nervous about graduation? Excited?” or “What are your plans after college?” and the one that really get me is, “Ready to pay for everything yourself?” And I already want to throw in the white towel and surrender. Either that or beg my parents for some help. But seriously, it made me think, AM I READY? Will I be able to afford everything that needs to be paid for in my life after college? I need to think about a repayment plan for my student loans, setting a budget based on my new salary as well as costs at my new location, and all those things. ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Here are two simple things you can get on top of now, before school is out, EVEN IF YOU AREN’T A GRADUATING SENIOR. The earlier you get on it, the better!

1. Life After College: Loan Repayment is this Wednesday, April 29th from 6:30- 7:30 p.m. in 1401 Centennial Hall! Learn the best way for you and your new career to pay back those loans on time!

2. Budgeting – Set up a meeting with a Peer Mentor at ItMake$Cents or go to and go from there. Both are great resources and can help you stay on track.

Best of luck and stay on top of it!


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