52 Week Challenge Update

As some of you may know, in July of 2014 I started the 52 week challenge. To start

the challenge, I saved a $1 for the first week, $2 for the second week, $3 for the third

week and so on. I have reached Week 31 and it hit me that I have officially saved

$496! Actually, I throw in some other change and rounded up on Week 14 to $15

and Week 19 to $20. I am at $506.78 as of February 12th, 2015. I still have $882 left

to collect but honestly, I am more than all right with that knowing I am going to be

saving $1378 by Week 52 (which is just 21 weeks away!)

As I put that $31 of cold-hard cash in my money saving jar, I realize that this is

becoming quite the feat. I mean, that $31 could cover about 6 Subway sandwiches, a

nice new wallet that I could use since mine broke, and quite frankly, that could cover

a good portion of my groceries. But really, when you think of the fact that I have

saved half of a $1,000, I know I can keep this up!

Although I originally wanted to save it for a trip I am beginning to think that, with a

new job around the corner I can spend it on rent or getting things for the house.

Being frugal has really made me more practical in what I spend my money on.

If any of you are also participating in a financial money saving challenge, keep it up.

If I can do it, you can too. Trust me.

Happy Savings.


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