Holiday & Black Friday Saving Tips!

With Turkey Day right around the corner and Black Friday the following day, we wanted to make sure we gave you a few tips to save this holiday season!

Black Friday


First off, if you don’t really need anything or don’t have a list or certain things you really want or need, WHY GO? Don’t get caught in the rush of everything and “sales” just because it’s out there! If  you don’t have a list and don’t need it, DON’T go!

But if one must go shopping, here are a few tips for you to follow to do Black Friday right and to save a little extra this season!

1. Make a list. Figure out the “must have” products that are heavily discounted and that you have a higher demand for. Make those top priority. Map out your route and know what time each store will open.

2. Gather information. Most of us do this already, but follow your favorite stores on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to their e-newsletters. Also, make sure to go through the newspaper and flyer ads on Wednesday and check websites, such as,, and

3. Time it right. Plan your shopping trip based on the priority of the items on your list and any time-specific deals that apply. Remember you can’t be two places at once! Just get your timing down, don’t forget about the lines!

4. Be prepared. Carry the ads with you. (I once brought a binder, no joke). Some stores have price-matches so it’s best to make sure you can compare it to save extra! Make sure you keep all receipts and not return deadlines on the top of them. (Some Black Friday products might not have extended return policies).

5. Scope it out. If it’s possible to either visit the stores on Wednesday night or call and ask each store manager when the sale starts, how early you can get in line and where the products you’re looking for are likely to be located do that to make sure you are ready. (Black Friday sale items often are stocked in unusual places.)

6. Get deals ahead of time. In some instances you can shop before Black Friday and get just as good, if not better, of a deal on some things. Both MasterCard and Visa, for example, will reimburse you the cost difference if an advertised Black Friday price is lower than the price you recently paid for the same item; you need to send your receipt, the ad and a claim form within 60 days of the ad’s publication.

7. Skip the Mall! Many retailers start Web-Only sales at the end of Thanksgiving Day, at midnight (we’ve all seen the commercials, folks). If you’re looking for a specific item, set up a price-drop alert on a site, such as 


For those of you have that list, mapped out your route and know your info., BEST OF LUCKMay the Odds (or shall we say savings) be in your FAVOR! 



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