Earn Cash on the Side

We spend enough time on the internet checking Facebook, our Fantasy League, e-mails (if we have to), so why not spend that extra 45 minutes to an hour making some extra money!

So we made a list with attached resources for you to check it out and get started today:

 1. Selling your stuff on eBay: 

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” fully applies here. If you have things you don’t necessarily need, others may be willing to buy them which means cash in your pocket!

Watch this simple eBay Video to get help you get started

2. Blogging 

What’s your passion, hobby or even obsession, and what do you have to say about it? Start your own personal blog and after it’s set up sign up for a service such as Google AdSense which posts the familiar sponsored links you often see at the top and the sides of websites.

If your site is well-written and really takes off, you may even be contacted by companies who want to use your blog. (Even if it doesn’t take off, it’s a great resume builder and way for you to share your passion)

A few Blog sites: Weebly , WordPress , Thoughts

3. Design and Sell T-shirts

There is ALMOST always an event or organization that requires a T-shirt design for the group, why  not make and sell them yourself? Use your creative juices to make unique and offbeat T-shirt designs for the masses.

These sites CafePress.com and SpreadShirt.com allow you to set up your own store, create your own designs and sell them yourself.

4. Tutoring 

If you excel at a subject you could potentially help out the Tutor Center on campus at Murphy Library. Click here to get in contact with someone within Murphy Library to see if 256 needs help!

Also, since UW-L is surrounded by 4 local High Schools (La Crosse Central, Logan High School, Holmen, and Onalaska) within the area; it is possible there are students our there that also need help with certain subjects. Put your name out there with a Student Employment application or through a newspaper ad, internet, or simply contact the schools and see if they have any chances for you to tutor for a little extra cash.

5. Babysitting

If you are good with kids, or can at least tolerate them for more than 5 hours then why not babysit a few nights a week?

Care.com is a great place to start. It allows parents, guardians, and families in the area to contact you if they need a babysitter, nanny, caregiver and etc.

6. Selling Handmade Goods

eBay was for the things you don’t necessarily need anymore, but what about your own original creations? Sell your own homemade items: Wooden signs, jewelry, quilt and knitting work, glasswork, photographs, signs, etc. on sites such as Etsy.com and ArtFire.com.

Just be sure to keep track of your sales and purchases to make sure you can maximize your profit.

Best of luck earning that extra buck!

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