RIP to Consumer Fees

RIP to Consumer Fees…(they get us every time)

ATM gif

If only it would just hand you money like this..

ATM fees: These fees can rack up anywhere from $2.50- 4. However, these fees are totally avoidable with some advance planning. Use the bank app on your phone to locate the banks near you at any time to get money out at no cost to you. Or, use your debit card at establishes such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and other select places to get cash back with your purchase. Kwik Trip is the closet ATM to campus that does not charge a transaction fee.

When those extra fees appear...

When those extra fees appear…

Airline Fees & Baggage: For those of us traveling, it will save you money andtime in substantial booking fees to make flight reservations online than over the phone where they can charge you up to $25 extra per ticket. To go off of the airline and traveling fees that come along with that, when flying out to the Caribbean for Spring Break, (just kidding, who has the money for that) look into booking with JetBlue or Southwest so you can get better deals on checked bags, and even FREE checked bags.

When you give someone the gift they wanted and you saved money by doing so..

When you give someone the gift they wanted and you saved money by doing so..

Gift Cards: A gift card that is usable anywhere tends to be more expensive for the gift-giver. If you find yourself receiving a gift-card or giving one as a gift yourself, dodge the fees by purchasing a retailer-specific gift card.


Seeing the bill after you went over your data plan and text messages.

Text-messaging: How many texts do you think you send a day? Check with your provider (or for most of us still in college, our parents) to see if you have unlimited text messaging and what your prices are while you are roaming.


Ticket fees: Smaller shows in the area can be purchased directly at the box office to save you the ‘service fee’.

late paying bills

Late Fees: Whoever is in charge of your cable and utilities bill in the house should make sure to pay those bills right away! Some late fee charges can run $20-30 (and can potentially harm your credit score).

How we all feel about over draft fees..

How we all feel about over draft fees..

Overdraft Fees: We’ve all been there. To eliminate any NSFs add your banks app to your smart phone to check your account balance before making a purchase to avoid those overdraft charges.

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