10 Easy Ways to Save While At UW-L

Now that you are finally at UW-L, here are 10 easy ways for you to save! Welcome to campus and the start of a great year!

Budget! Seems simple but sometimes they are just too hard to stick to the planned budget. Mint.com is an incredible website and smart phone app that will help you realistically manage your finances. It’s FREE and all you have to do in set it up by inputting your bank and credit card information. Budgeting is crucial when it’s time to accept your financial aid package and making sure you don’t take out more than you need! Start you budget today! Mentors in the It Make$ Cents (IMC) office on campus (2103 Centennial Hall) are here to help!


Make your own coffee or go to Whitney Whether you are living in the residence halls or not, make your own coffee! If your day starts off with a $2-3 dollar cup of jo you could brew your own and save $14-21 a week, $56-84 a month, and $672-1,008 a year. Whitney has the coffee you need to get you through the day, for free (Or at least it’s included in your meal plan so you might as well make it worth it!)


Participate in campus activities Most events on campus are free and generally offer amazing prizes ranging from a GoPro, Kindle, Ipad, and other electronics, all you have to do is show up and have a good time. The REC offers events such as Recfest, Sandblast Volleyball Tournament, RECtoberfest, Turkey Trot, Indoor Tri, Paddle Paddles, and Battleship throughout the year. Each residence hall also puts on campus wide events at no cost to you such as: Cash Cab, Sanford Block Party, Drag show, Drake Bingo and much more. You just have to rally the troops and head on out.

Sandblast Tournament through the REC!

Sandblast Tournament through the REC!

IMC also has plenty of events throughout the school year and offers multiple chances to win prizes such as: Amazon gift cards, a Kindlefire, a Kerrig coffee machine, and other miscellaneous prizes. All you have to do it participate! Events for 2014 to look out for are: Game Night Thursday, September 4th, Wednesday night Money Talks in Reuter, How to Become a Millionaire, and other many other events.

Let your savings make money for you Do some research and put your money in a high interest savings account. It may not be the fastest way to make money but it’s a start and you don’t have to do much of anything. Even look into a Money Market account or a Certificate of Deposit (CD) which can be cashed in just six months or a year.


Join discount programs Drug stores such as Walgreens, major grocery store chains, such as Festival, and retail stores across the country, like American Eagle offer completely free rewards programs for their customers. It can’t hurt to sign up, as long as you read the fine print and use it often. Warning: Make sure it’s a rewards program and not a credit card, those can be risky!

festival foods walgreens

Avoid shopping Valley View Mall can wait, trust me. The mall will always be there and the holidays, birthdays, and shopping spree with mom are around the corner. No need to impulse shop when there are other things such as loans, bills, and recreational things to pay for. As an alternative to shopping we could sell our clothes to Plato’s closet and use that to purchase a few things or even better swap clothes with friends or roommates. Speaking of which….


Work where you shop Make money while being offered a discount on some of your favorite clothing brands, meals, or accessories and cosmetics and etc. Macy’s, Kohl’s, American Eagle and other places within the Valley View Mall offer discounts to employees. Most restaurants usually offer 50% off your meals as well. If you’re going to go shopping and eat out, why not have a better discount?

work wher you shop

Stay in with friends It’s tempting to get all your friends together in a  public place for dinner or coffee, but that can get to be incredibly expensive.  Find things to do that don’t involve spending money. Invite your friends over to your place or hang out with the people on your floor and make a meal, play a board or card game, or even play charades.


Rent movies The front desk at every residence hall has 100 + old and new movies you can rent for free just have to bring your student ID to check them out. Or rent a movie at Redbox for under $2.


Food Pantry UW-L has a food pantry that is supplied and used by students and the best part, it’s FREE! And you can use it for anything and everything!

food pantry

Get your Hair Cut…by someone who offers you a discount. Ask your friends who they go to and if they have any $10 off cards that Hairdressers usually give out. It allows your friend to get $10 off and you as well. It’s a win-win-win really.hair cut

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